FedEx Next Flight®

When typical next day delivery isn't fast enough, there's FedEx Next Flight - it's the simplest solution for your most urgent heavyweight freight packages, anytime of day or night within Canada.

Service Details
Delivery Times Your freight shipment is placed on the fastest, next available mode of transportation.*
Service Days 7 days a week, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.
Delivery Area Available to most delivery areas across Canada.*
Package Size Please call 1.866.2Ship.NF 1.866.274.4763 for more information on weight and dimensional requirements.
Additional Information

* Some restrictions apply. For more details, see Terms and Conditions or contact your FedEx Account Executive.

How to Ship

  1. Call 1.866.2Ship.NF 1.866.274.4763 and ask for FedEx Next Flight service.
  2. Tell us your origin, destination, commodity, number of pieces and when your shipment will be ready. We'll quote you a delivery time based on the fastest, next available mode of transportation.*
  3. A courier will arrive to pick up your shipment in as little as 60 minutes from the time of your call, and will assist you with the completion of a specialized FedEx Next Flight air waybill.

Contact Us

Call us at 1.866.2Ship.NF 1.866.274.4763 to request a rate quote, schedule a pickup, or for general inquiries.