Bolivia – All Dutiable Shipments

Effective Jan. 4, 2010, ALL dutiable shipments imported into Bolivia, regardless of value, weight and/or quantity, require the consignee's importer number. This applies to both personal and commercial shipments.

The importer number must match the consignee information shown on the FedEx air waybill and/or Commercial Invoice and the importer information must be the same as the consignee information. Shipments that have a missing or incorrect importer number may be subject to customs delays of up to five days or held until the correct importer number is obtained and provided by the consignee.

Shipments that have no commercial value (NCV) are exempt from this regulation (this usually applies to document shipments). To reduce customs delays, these shipments must be clearly identified on the FedEx air waybill and/or Commercial Invoice as having no commercial value (e.g., the total customs value should be declared as NCV).