Saudi Arabia – Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Requirement

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented the Product Conformity Program (PCP) [formerly known as SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization)] for certain regulated products for commercial use. A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is required from internationally accredited laboratories (e.g., Intertek or SGS) for certain regulated consumer products exported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Kingdom).

The PCP is a combined conformity assessment, inspection and certification process on the basis of which certain regulated commodities are allowed entry into the Kingdom and are potentially cleared more quickly through Saudi Customs. The program provides assurance to Saudi consumers that these regulated products are free from potential safety hazards and are fit for use in the Kingdom.

Note: The CoC is not required for personal shipments, temporary imports and samples (limited quantities).

Failure to comply with this program may cause clearance delays or the return of the shipment.

Complete details about the process can be found here.

Please also visit the Customs website for Saudi Arabia.