Quarantine Shipments to Japan

Effective immediately, in compliance with our terms and conditions, FedEx will no longer offer exceptional handling of shipments to Japan that require animal or plant quarantine. Any such shipments arriving in Japan will be returned to the shipper, disposed of at our facility, or forwarded to an external customs broker for customs clearance at the shipper’s expense.

Below is a representative, but not complete list of commodities that are subject to animal or plant quarantine for your reference:

  • fresh, cut, or dried flowers
  • potpourri
  • vegetables and fruits
  • frozen fruits
  • green coffee
  • soybeans, all kinds of beans
  • malt
  • straws
  • seeds
  • fresh meat, frozen meat, beef jerky, ham, sausage
  • bones and horns
  • antibodies
  • serum
  • any blood of animals
  • fur and feather that have not been processed
  • bacteria