Prescription Drugs for Personal Use Reminder

Health Canada prohibits the importation of prescription drugs by courier when imported by Canadian residents for personal use.

The importation of prescription drugs for human use is strictly regulated and is only permitted by certain entities. Under Section C.01.045 of the Food and Drug Regulations, the importation of Schedule F (prescription) drugs is restricted to a drug manufacturer, a registered pharmacist, a wholesale druggist, a practitioner or a resident of a foreign country while a visitor in Canada.

Please note that specific criteria must be met for visitors importing prescription drugs. Also, at Health Canada's discretion, exceptions may be made for Canadian residents returning from abroad who are on a course of treatment and carry the prescription drugs with them upon re-entry into Canada.

For more information, please visit the Health Canada website, and refer to the Guidance Document on the Import Requirements for Health Products under Food and Drugs Act and its Regulations (GUI-0084), Section 6.0, Figure 2 – Personal Use Importation Requirements for Human Drugs.