FedEx Ground® Alternate Address Pickup

FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup Service is available when you need the flexibility of requesting a pickup from a location other than the one associated with your FedEx Ground account.

Use FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup Service with:


How to schedule a FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup:

Additional Information

  • Available Monday – Friday.
  • Customers are able to schedule Alternate Address Pickup Service for either a Canadian or U.S. location.
  • If the Alternate Address Pickup replaces your FedEx Ground Regular Pickup on a specific day, please cancel your Regular Pickup to avoid incurring additional charges.
  • The shipper at the alternate pickup location should provide the FedEx Ground bar-code label plus any additional required documentation.
  • Pickup cut-off times are based on the local time of the alternate address pickup.

A nominal fee applies for your FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup Service. Please consult FedEx Ground Rate Guide.