Verification of Insurance

Auto Liability Insurance for FedEx Corporation, FedEx Express & FedEx Services

This verification is issued as a matter of information only. The coverage afforded by the policies listed below are subject to the policy terms, conditions, limitations,exclusions and deductibles. This verification does not amend, extend, or alter the coverage afforded by such policies.

Limits of LiabilityPolicy PeriodInsurance Companies and Policy Numbers
Business Automobile Liability Insurance All Owned and Non-Owned Vehicles$5,000,000 Combined Single Limit10/01/2017- 10/01/2018Protective Insurance Company
X-1979-17, XP1421-17
Federal Express

Protective Insurance Company
CX-1979-17, CX-1980-17
Federal Express- Canada

Severability Liability Notice - The subscribing insurers' obligations under contracts of insurance to which they subscribe are several and not joint and are limited solely to the extent of their individual subscriptions.The subscribing insurers are not responsible for the subscription of any co-subscribing insurer who for any reason does not satisfy all or part of its obligation.