FedEx Tech Awards®

Get the technology you need with help from FedEx.

The FedEx Tech Awards program offers qualified customers a subsidy to getthe integration, technology, or hardware they need to access and use FedEx® shipping services.

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Customer Requirements

  • Must meet eligibility requirements (see your FedEx account executive for details)
  • Must sign a 12-month shipping agreement

Redemption Requirements

  • Must have a valid FedEx authorization/contract number
  • Integration customers must consult with a FedEx account executive to select the appropriate solution
  • Awards can only be redeemed with participating FedEx Tech Awards vendor
  • Must redeem FedEx Tech Award with only one vendor (Once an award has been redeemed by a vendor, this vendor cannot be changed)

Please see your FedEx Tech Awards contract for details.

Integration Redemption Process

FedEx Proprietary Integration Tools: FSM Web Services and FSM Server

For integration Tech Awards, consult your FedEx Account Executive before redeeming.

FedEx Tech Awards is a one-time redemption with one vendor.

  1. Review the vendors on the Tech Awards home page. Click on "See details" to learn more about the solutions the participating vendors provide.
  2. Determine which vendor best meets your needs, and write down pricing details and contact information.
  3. Contact the selected integration vendor using the contact information provided.

Hardware Redemption Process

Tech Awards is a one-time redemption with one vendor. Please review the product offerings of your selected vendor before placing your order.

  1. Click on "See Details" under the participating hardware vendor to be routed to the vendor's website to view product offerings and prices.
  2. Select a vendor that offers the products you need.
  3. Call the selected vendor and identify yourself as a FedEx Tech Awards customer.
  4. Provide the vendor with your FedEx account number and authorization/contract number, and then place your order. The vendor will handle validation of eligibility.


For hardware, allow at least 10 business days for delivery. All products will be shipped using FedEx Express or FedEx Ground, and require a signature for proof of delivery. Please direct all shipping inquiries to the vendor.


Each hardware vendor offers a one to three year warranty on hardware products and technical support as needed. FedEx does not provide a warranty or support. Support is provided through the hardware vendor.