Protect your most precious packages.

FedEx® Declared Value Advantage customers may declare a value of up to $100,000 per shipment on specialty items, such as jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals, giving you extra peace of mind for your high-value shipments.

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Pack more peace of mind into your shipments.

Step 1: Complete and submit your application.

Step 2: Execute the FedEx Declared Value Advantage agreement.

Step 3: Start shipping packages with FedEx Declared Value Advantage from the approved locations in your agreement.

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What is declared value?

It's important to remember that declared value is not insurance. Rather, declared value represents the maximum liability for which FedEx will accept in connection with your shipment.

Here's what you'll get.

The FedEx® network is at your service with FedEx Declared Value Advantage.

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Secure packaging options.

FedEx Security Box Kits provide extra protection from abrasions, indentations, punctures, and tears by using a corrugated retention insert to suspend the product inside a FedEx® Medium Box (M2) or FedEx® Large Box (L2).

FedEx® Box With Safe Insert:

  • Reinforced aluminum container in two sizes to fit securely inside the FedEx Medium Box or FedEx Large Box.
  • Equipped with a combination lock and key (only shipper and recipient have access).
  • Order and pay for this packaging option directly from the manufacturer, MPI, by calling 1.800.544.5930.

Ship high-value jewelry all over the world.

International service through FedEx Declared Value Advantage is available for U.S. exports only. Approved customers can ship their high-value jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals to the following key countries and territories:

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Aruba Denmark Liechtenstein St. Lucia
Austria England (UK) Macau St. Martin
Bahamas Estonia  Malaysia St. Thomas
Bahrain Finland Netherlands St. Vincent
Barbados Germany New Zealand Switzerland
Belgium Grenada Panama Taiwan
Bermuda Guam Poland Trinidad and Tobago
British Virgin Islands Hong Kong Puerto Rico Turks & Caicos Islands
Canada Ireland, Northern (UK) San Marino United Arab Emirates
Cayman Islands Ireland, Republic of  Scotland (UK) Uruguay
Channel Islands (UK) Italy Singapore U.S. Virgin Islands
Chile Jamaica Spain Vatican City State
Colombia Japan St. Croix Wales (UK)
Costa Rica Korea, South St. John
Czech Republic Latvia St. Kitts and Nevis