FedEx Compatible®

FedEx shipping capabilities are built directly into third-party business software so businesses of all sizes have easy access to FedEx.

Add a Third-Party Solution to Your Business

Get a third-party software solution with FedEx functionality already built in. With FedEx Compatible, you can:

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that a successful, marketplace-tested solution brings.
  • Ship within the business software you use every day.
  • Reduce costly keystroke errors.
  • Access shipping options and rates for FedEx and other featured carriers without having to switch programs or re-enter information.

We test the shipping functionality of each solution to make sure it provides the reliability you expect from FedEx — with fast processing, powerful tracking and a broad array of services. Explore the solutions available through compatible third-party vendors here.

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Become a Provider

FedEx offers a wide array of resources and benefits to commercial developers interested in creating solutions for resale. FedEx Compatible enables qualified commercial developers to get their solutions registered with FedEx and posted for resale.

As a FedEx Compatible provider, you can post solutions on our site — giving you higher traffic and greater sales. You’ll also have dedicated support from the FedEx Compatible team.

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Becoming a provider is a straightforward process. Developers interested in joining this program should be prepared to discuss their development background, project plans, experience, and other relevant items.

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Providers are responsible for testing their solutions and ensuring the quality of their products before resale. FedEx does not test, certify, or otherwise vouch for the solutions provided by a FedEx Compatible provider; therefore, no claim should be made to this effect.