FedEx Global Third-Party Pricing List Rates and Zone Charts

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FedEx global third-party pricing provides pricing and rates in U.S. dollars for international third-party shipments.

  • FedEx global third-party pricing covers Bill Third Party shipments that are from non-U.S. origins to non-U.S. destinations and paid by a U.S. customer, excluding intracountry shipments.1
  • FedEx global third-party pricing is available for FedEx International First®, FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Economy®, FedEx International Priority® Freight and FedEx International Economy® Freight shipments.2
  • For available origins and destinations, please go to Global Home, select the origin location, and verify valid destination and service availability for the origin.3
  • FedEx global third-party pricing is offered on a contract-only basis. Please contact your FedEx account executive for information.
  • Any origin- or destination-specific fees assessed in other currencies will be converted to U.S. dollars using the currency rate rules as specified in the current FedEx Service Guide.

How to Calculate Rates for FedEx Global Third-Party Shipments

  1. Find the region for your origin and destination: For your FedEx global third-party shipment, find the region for origin and destination countries in the tables on p. 1 in the Rates and Zone charts below. The same step applies for determining origin and destination regions.
  2. Find the zone: Using the zone table on p. 2, find the origin region in the vertical listing and find the destination region in the horizontal listing. The letter listed in the intersection is your list-rate zone.
  3. Determine the weight: Determine your total shipment weight.4
  4. Choose your service: Choose the service you wish to use. For FedEx International Priority Freight and FedEx International Economy Freight, determine your service option (door-to-door, dropoff, hold-at-location, or dropoff and hold-at-location).
  5. Find your rate: Find the rate for your zone, service and weight combination using the rate tables on pp. 3–20.
  6. Determine fees: For fees and other nontransportation charges, please refer to the current FedEx Service Guide for details.

Download Rates and Zone Charts

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Additional Information

Please contact your FedEx account executive if you have questions.

For additional details about the surcharges listed above, see Fees and Other Shipping Information.

FedEx Service Guide

Learn more

Fees and Other Shipping Information5

Effective Jan. 22, 2018, a Third Party Billing surcharge will apply to shipments that are billed to a third party. Learn more.

Unless mentioned herein, the fees work the same as listed in the current FedEx Service Guide. Please refer to the service guide for additional details and amounts.

Optional Service Fees

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Saturday Delivery
  • Saturday Pickup
  • Courier Pickup Charge
  • Declared Value
  • Electronic Export Information Filing Fee
  • FedEx International Controlled Export

Additional Shipping Fees

  • Additional Handling Surcharge
  • Additional Handling Surcharge — Non-stackable
  • Address Correction
  • Ancillary Clearance Service Fees
  • Broker Select Option Fee
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • International Out-of-Delivery-Area Surcharge
  • International Out-of-Pickup-Area Surcharge
  • Missing or Invalid Account Number
  • Payer Rebilling
  • Residential Delivery Charge

Other Shipping Information

  • Dimensional Weight

1Bill Third Party means charges will be billed to someone other than the sender or recipient. In order to choose this billing option, the FedEx account number of the third party must appear on the international air waybill at the time it is tendered and the account must be in good credit standing. Please refer to the FedEx Service Guide for additional information.

2If a FedEx® 10kg Box exceeds the 22-lb. weight limit or a FedEx® 25kg Box exceeds the 56-lb. weight limit, the appropriate FedEx International Priority rate applies.

3For service availability information, call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say "international services."

4Current international weight rounding rules and dimensional weight rules apply. Please refer to the current FedEx Service Guide for details.

5Additional fees may apply depending on origin and destination country. Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say "international services" for package service fees applicable from your origin country.