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Driver Preparation



All states require TDC competitors to take a multiple choice exam that tests their general knowledge about trucking and understanding of safe driving rules, first-aid and fire fighting. The exam includes a broad array of questions that are based on the information in the 2017 Facts for Drivers book.

Ask your safety professional, manager or any veteran TDC competitor for more guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for the written exam.

Tips from veteran TDC competitors:

  • Ask your family, friends and other drivers to quiz you on the facts for drivers material in the weeks leading up to the competition.
  • Utilize flash cards by writing questions and answers from the 2017 Facts for Drivers book on opposite sides of 3 x 5 index cards.
  • Have your supervisor quiz you about information in the 2017 Facts for Drivers book prior to your shift.


The Pre-Trip Inspection is based on the procedure that most FedEx drivers conduct every day. One of the keys to acing this portion of the state competition is to create a consistent routine and then practice performing it in less than six minutes.


Tips from veteran competitors:


  • Get comfortable with performing the inspection fast.
  • Practice timed inspections on your breaks and with other competitors.

Pre-Trip Video Examples:


There are diagrams of typical “problems” that are available to help you prepare for the Driving Course portion of the state competition. Many FedEx facilities also set up practice courses for competitors so that they can hone their skills on various challenges. Check with your safety professional or manager for the schedule in your area.

Tips from veteran competitors:

  • Approach every-day procedures such as backing up to docks and maneuvering through tight spaces as practice for the driving course.
  • Attend a practice session in your area and seek tips from long-time competitors.