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  • FedEx Express Truck

Brent Glasenapp

FedEx Express
Wisconsin – Straight Truck Class Champion
FedEx Ace

A 33-year FedEx veteran, Brent is a ramp transport driver in Milwaukee. He has achieved incredible safe-driving accomplishments over the years, participating in 17 state driving competitions, making eight NTDC appearances and logging one million accident-free miles. This year, he won top honors in the Straight Truck class at the Wisconsin TDC. A resident of Franklin, Wisconsin, Brent has three children, Kim, Nick and Jackie. In his free time, he enjoys playing in the north woods of his home state.

  • FedEx Express Driver Brent Glasenapp
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Driver Information

Hometown: Franklin, Wis.
Career Years Driving: 33
Years With FedEx: 33
Safe Driving Miles: 1 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category NTDC Finish
2005 Straight Truck  
2006 Straight Truck  
2007 Tank Truck  
2009 Straight Truck 3rd Place
2012 Straight Truck  
2013 Straight Truck  
2016 Straight Truck