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  • FedEx Freight Truck

Bryan Elges

FedEx Freight
Ohio – 1st place 5-Axle Sleeper Class

Bryan won the Ohio 5-Axle Sleeper title for a second straight year to qualify for a return to the NTDC, where he finished fifth in his class in 2015. Last year, perseverance paid off for Bryan when he won his first state title in Ohio on his ninth attempt. A professional driver for 17 years – 12 with FedEx Freight in Youngstown – Bryan has driven 2 million accident-free miles. His dad was a professional driver for 45 years, and Bryan singles him out for teaching him a lot about the industry. Bryan has two children: Gabriella (11) and Luke (8). The Elges family resides in Ashland, Ohio.

  • FedEx Freight Driver Bryan Elges
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Driver Information

Hometown: Ashland, Ohio
Career Years Driving: 19
Years With FedEx: 12
Safe Driving Miles: 2 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category Placed
2015 5-Axle Sleeper 5th Place