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  • FedEx Express Truck

Chris Goddard

FedEx Express
Vermont – 3-Axle Class Champion
Grand Champion
FedEx Ace

Seven is a very good number for Chris, especially this year as he prepares for his seventh NTDC appearance. All totaled, he’s been a Vermont state champion seven times and Grand Champion three times, including this year. He has participated in 10 state TDCs over the years. Based at the Burlington station, Chris is a ramp transport driver with 28 years of driving experience at FedEx Express. Chris and his wife Olivia are parents to four children: Krista (27), Alex (25), Courtney (23) and Madison (13). A resident of Burlington, Vermont, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his family.

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Driver Information

Hometown: Burlington, Vt.
Career Years Driving: 31
Years With FedEx: 28
Safe Driving Miles: 1.4 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category  
2004 5-Axle  
2009 5-Axle Sleeper  
2010 5-Axle Sleeper  
2011 5-Axle  
2013 4-Axle  
2014 3-Axle