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Clint Anderson

FedEx Express
Washington – Step Van Class Champion

With FedEx Express for eight years, Clint is currently a courier at the Yakima station. He has driven one million accident-free miles in his 17 years of professional driving. Clint has participated in four state driving competitions and one NTDC over the years. Winning top honors at the Washington TDC in the Step Van class, he is the only FedEx Express driver representing the state at the NTDC this year. Clint and his girlfriend Kristina live in Yakima, Washington. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

  • FedEx Express Driver Clint Anderson
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Driver Information

Hometown: Yakima, Wash.
Career Years Driving: 17
Years With FedEx: 8
Safe Driving Miles: 1 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category  
2015 Step Van