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David Coffel

FedEx Express
Arizona – 4-Axle Class Champion

David won the Arizona 4-Axle title to qualify for his first NTDC. He previously finished second in the 4-Axle class (2013) and this year marked the fourth time he has competed in the state TDC. A FedEx Express team member for eight years, including five as a driver, David has logged more than 100,000 miles without ever having an accident. He credits the advice of Phoenix station operations manager Frank Logan and former FedEx Express driver Scott Watts for helping him improve at the TDC. In his free time, David enjoys watching sports and barbequing with family. He and his wife Gina Quintero make their home in Mesa, Arizona.

  • FedEx Freight Driver David Coffel


  • FedEx Express

Driver Information

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.
Career Years Driving: 5
Years With FedEx: 8
Safe Driving Miles: 100,000

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