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Printer-Friendly Winner Profile - Eddie Pennington

FedEx Freight
Florida - 1st place 3-Axle
Best Pre-Trip Inspection
Best Written Exam

FedEx Ace

After winning the Florida 3-Axle title (and posting the Best Pre-Trip Inspection and Highest Written Exam scores as well), Eddie is now a seven-time state champion. A past winner of the NTDC's Vehicle Condition Award, Eddie has been a professional driver for 38 years – 33 of them with FedEx Freight based in Jacksonville. “Eagle Eye” has surpassed 4 million miles without ever having an accident by always thinking ahead and avoiding distractions when he's behind the wheel. In his spare time, Eddie enjoys playing golf. He and his wife Kim have two sons, Chad and Bryan, and one grandchild, Ari. They live in Jacksonville, Fla.