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Printer-Friendly Winner Profile - Erik Lilleberg

FedEx Ground
Montana - 1st place Tank Truck

FedEx Ace

Erik, of JRM Enterprises Inc. domiciled out of the FedEx Ground hub in Billings, will be making his fifth NTDC appearance in seven years after he captured the Montana Tank Truck title. The third-place finisher in the Twins class at the 2008 NTDC, he is now qualified to join the elite FedEx Aces team. During his 15-year driving career, Erik has racked up more than 1.6 million miles without ever having an accident. He has also driven in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii. Away from the road, Erik enjoys hunting, camping, fishing and golfing. The father of two children, Chris and Isabella, he also has a two-year-old grandson, Isaac. Erik lives in Billings, Mont.