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National Truck Driving Championships
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  • FedEx Freight Truck

Jeremiah Jarvis

FedEx Freight
Vermont – 1st place Twins Class

Jeremiah will be making his third appearance in four years at the NTDC after capturing another Twins title in Vermont. A 14-year professional driver who has been a FedEx Freight team member for 12 years based in Montpelier, Jeremiah has logged more than 1.1 million safe-driving miles. He says he has always looked up to his dad, who has been in the trucking industry for many years. Away from work, Jeremiah is involved in chicken farming and enjoys NASCAR. He and his wife Emmy have two daughters: Savannah (11) and Cadyn (8). The Jarvis family lives in Chelsea, Vermont.

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Driver Information

Hometown: Chelsea, Vt.
Career Years Driving: 14
Years With FedEx: 12
Safe Driving Miles: 1.1 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category  
2015 Twins  
2013 Twins