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Printer-Friendly Winner Profile - John Smith

FedEx Ground
Mississippi - 1st place Flatbed

FedEx Ace

John, a three-time National Champion in two different classes, will have the chance to add another national title to his list after winning the Mississippi Flatbed crown. Known affectionately as "You Know from Tupelo," he is now an eight-time state champ and is a member of the elite FedEx Aces team. John, of JSJ Trucking Inc. domiciled out of the FedEx Ground station in Tupelo, has driven more than 1.9 million miles during his 23-year career without ever having an accident. He knew the first time he drove that he wanted to be around trucks all of his life. His hobbies include hunting, golfing and boating. John and his wife Bronwynn are the parents of a daughter, Mallorie, and live in Mooreville, Mississippi.