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National Truck Driving Championships
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  • FedEx Freight Truck

Kenneth Pyle

FedEx Freight
Oklahoma – Twins Class Champion

Kenneth won the Oklahoma Twins title to qualify for his first NTDC. During a 29-year career, he has logged more than two million safe-driving miles. Based in Tulsa, Kenneth has been a FedEx Freight team member for 10 years. His first truck driving experience was behind the wheel of a military transport on the Autobahn in Germany. Kenneth and his wife Carrie have two children, two-year-old son Carson and infant daughter Karli. The Pyle family resides in Jenks, Oklahoma.

  • FedEx Freight Driver Kenneth Pyle
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Driver Information

Hometown: Jenks, Okla.
Career Years Driving: 29
Years With FedEx: 10
Safe Driving Miles: 2 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Has qualified to make his first appearance.