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National Truck Driving Championships
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  • FedEx Freight Truck

Ray Waage

FedEx Freight
New York – Tank Truck Class Champion

Ray won the New York Tank Truck title to qualify for his first NTDC. He has logged more than one million safe-driving miles during his 14-year professional career. Ray has been a FedEx Freight team member for almost 12 years and is based in Newburgh. He points to his father, who also drove trucks, as being an inspiration by teaching Ray much of what he now knows about the profession. In his free time, Ray enjoys bowling, backpacking and target shooting. He and his wife Maryann have two children, Devon (10) and Emma (7). The Waage family resides in Marlboro, New York.

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Driver Information

Hometown: Marlboro, N.Y.
Career Years Driving: 14
Years With FedEx: 12
Safe Driving Miles: 1 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Has qualified to make his first appearance.