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Willie Baylor

FedEx Freight
Indiana – Twins Class Champion

Willie is now a six-time state champion after earning the Twins title at the Indiana TDC. He previously won titles in the 4-Axle and 5-Axle classes. With more than 2.8 million safe-driving miles during his 28-year career, Willie has driven for FedEx Freight based in Indianapolis for 23 years. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, softball and hunting and also enjoys preaching to the community. Willie and his wife Pauline have five children: Kirkland, Terrick, Tanya, Daron and Jhalyn. They also have nine grandchildren. The Baylor family lives in Indianapolis.

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Driver Information

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Career Years Driving: 28
Years With FedEx: 23
Safe Driving Miles: 2.8 million

Past NTDC Appearances

Year Category  
2000 4-Axle  
2002 4-Axle  
2004 5-Axle  
2008 4-Axle  
2012 4-Axle