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Printer-Friendly 2016 State TDC Champions

The Road to Indianapolis

The following is a list of drivers who have qualified to compete at the American Trucking Associations' (ATA) 2016 National Truck Driving Championships Aug. 9-13 in Indianapolis.

CompetitorStateOpcoClassDomicilePosition or Business Relationship
Muku Afusia AK Express 3-Axle Anchorage Driver
Ron Bernier AK Express Step Van Anchorage Driver
Doug Rickel AK Express Straight Truck Anchorage Driver
Albert Ochoa AZ Freight 3-Axle Tucson Driver
Andres Orozco AZ Freight 4-Axle Tucson Driver
Mike Ortiz AZ Ground Step Van Chandler Owner's Driver
Charlie Woodland AZ Freight Straight Truck North Phoenix Driver
Eric Damon CA Express Step Van Monterey Driver
Edward Guerrero CA Freight Straight Truck Fresno Driver
Chris Jenkins DE Ground Step Van Salisbury Owner's Driver
Joe McConkey DE Freight 5-Axle Wilmington Driver
Billy Tuell DE Freight Twins Wilmington Driver
Jerry Williams GA Freight Twins Valdosta Driver
Scott Beal ID Freight Twins Boise Driver
Randy Schwasinger ID Freight Step Van Boise Driver
Alan Stacy ID Ground Straight Truck Boise Owner's Driver
Doug Adams KY Express 3-Axle Hebron Driver
Jesse Benkert KY Ground Straight Truck Louisville Owner's Driver
Mark Campbell KY Express Tank Truck Hebron Driver
John Willinger KY Freight 4-Axle Louisville Driver
Joey Brown LA Freight 3-Axle Baton Rouge Driver
Cheramie Courville-Finnan LA Ground Step Van Lafayette Owner
Eric Courville LA Freight 5-Axle Sleeper Lafayette Driver
Mark Judson LA Freight Twins Lafayette Driver
Corey Mitchell LA Freight Straight Truck Shreveport Driver
Kyle Mitchell LA Freight Tank Truck Baton Rouge Driver
Xavier Theriot LA Freight 4-Axle Shreveport Driver
Scott Wickstrom ME Express Step Van Bangor Driver
Gary Cumberland MS Freight 4-Axle Jackson Driver
Bobby Lane MS Freight 3-Axle Jackson Driver
James McNeill MS Freight Twins Northeast Memphis Driver
Don Smith MS Ground Step Van Tupelo Owner
John Smith, Jr. MS Ground Tank Truck Tupelo Owner
Gus Kern NC Express Step Van Concord Driver
Harry Leonard NC Ground Straight Truck Greensboro Owner
Chris Spurlin NC Freight 5-Axle Sleeper Asheville Driver
Dan Bruch NM Freight 5-Axle Albuquerque Driver
Isac Chavolla NM Ground Step Van Albuquerque Owner
Dion Saiz NM Freight 3-Axle Albuquerque Driver
Ray Sandoval NM Freight Twins Albuquerque Driver
Chris Shaw NM Express Straight Truck Albuquerque Driver
Greg Combs NV Express Step Van Las Vegas Driver
Bob Fini NV Express Straight Truck Las Vegas Driver
Matthew Hart NV Freight 3-Axle Elko Driver
Patrick Nerger NV Express 5-Axle Reno Driver
Craig Poupeney NV Freight Flatbed Reno Driver
Brett Brunkenhoefer OH Freight 3-Axle Youngstown Driver
Bryan Elges OH Freight 5-Axle Sleeper Youngstown Driver
Andrew Tuck OH Ground Straight Truck Dayton Owner's Driver
Scott Woodrome OH Freight Flatbed Dayton Driver
Robert Burdett RI Freight Twins Providence Driver
David Lumpkin RI Express Straight Truck Warwick Driver
Karen Tierney RI Express 3-Axle Warwick Driver
Keith Towne RI Express Step Van Warwick Driver
Eddie Days SC Express Step Van Hilton Head Island Driver
Ray Shelton SC Freight Flatbed Greenville/Spartanburg Driver
Steve Ward SC Express 4-Axle Greer Driver
Rachel Bothwell SD Freight 4-Axle Rapid City Driver
Marty Kraft SD Freight Tank Truck Rapid City Driver
Jay Love SD Freight Flatbed Sioux Falls Driver
Jason Skotvold SD Freight 3-Axle Sioux Falls Driver
Virgil Thiewes SD Freight Straight Truck Watertown Driver
Mike Whitehead SD Freight 5-Axle Sleeper Sioux Falls Driver
Jeff Barton TN Freight 5-Axle Sleeper Nashville Driver
James Sheehan TN Ground Step Van Nashville Local Owner
Jamie Sowder TN Freight Flatbed Jackson Driver
Jeff Stinson TN Freight Tank Truck Kingsport Driver
Daniel Woods VA Express Step Van Christiansburg Driver
Brent Glasenapp WI Express Straight Truck Milwaukee Driver