FedEx Web Integration Wizard
Use this simple tool to create a website to obtain a rate quote, create a shipping label, or determine the tracking status of your shipment.

Alert: The FedEx Web Integration Wizard is no longer being supported. Please be aware that applications generated with the wizard will still be functional in the short term, but they will be targeted for retirement in the near future.

We encourage you to visit to ship, rate, and track online or visit the FedEx Developer Resource Center at to learn more about using FedEx Web Services to create a customized solution. We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.

FedEx Web Integration Wizard allows you to seamlessly integrate FedEx capabilities in a fast, effective and easy manner into your website by automatically generating customized code that you can copy. That means you can achieve complex integration without requiring numerous dedicated IT resources. More importantly, your customers can ship, rate and track shipments directly on your website.

With FedEx Web Integration Wizard, you can implement a self-service, Web-based solution that reduces your operational costs, increases your customer satisfaction and efficiently grows your business. Simply answer a series of questions about your shipping characteristics. FedEx Web Integration Wizard creates the customized code that you can download or paste into your website.

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