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CMS GlobalSoft WorldLink

CMS GlobalSoft WorldLink
CMS GlobalSoft WorldLink

CMS WorldLink is a multi-carrier and fully scalable transportation management solution software (TMS). Built specifically for pre-validation/routing, execution, and post analytics, CMS WorldLink is the enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping solution best suited to optimizing supply chain event management and activity handling.


Solution type

Transportation management, e-commerce

Regions supported

U.S., Canada

Customer sizes

Small, medium


Healthcare, distribution, third-party logistics providers & manufacturing


Pre-shipment validation, post ship analytics, shipment temperature forecast


Customizable at user level, cloud or hosted, customizable notification

Shipping volume

500—500,000 per day


Lite $7,000+, advanced $14,000+, premier $28,000+






CMS WorldLink is a fully scalable browser-based transportation management system. The multi-carrier shipping solution will grow as your business and shipping volumes grow. Scalability includes the ability to use a single server that supports fulfillment centers around the world, or a separate application server and database server with multiple CPUs within each server and load balancing across multiple application servers.

◾ Scalable – no limitation on  number of sites on single server

◾ Better and lower cost fulfillment and technical support

◾ Easy remote support – each fulfillment center accesses central shipping system through a browser

◾ Quick return of investment

As a robust transportation management solution, CMS WorldLink, allows you to implement and enforce your business rules easily from the central server location. No more worrying about how each business is choosing carriers because you control that from your central location. This functionality means consistency between all business locations, which will help you drive business to the right carriers and allow you to negotiate better discounts and service.

Having all your data centralized in one database means better visibility and reporting capabilities. With querying capabilities based on user access rights, users can check the status of an order or shipment for any business location via the Internet, Intranet, WAN or LAN via web access.

CMS WorldLink has been purposefully designed to allow for the most flexibility possible. As a result, customizations to fit your business shipping process can be maximized and quickly implemented using CMS WorldLink’s powerful feature User & Host Interfaces