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Varsity ShipSoft

Varsity ShipSoft

Focused on the shipping and transportation management needs of mid-sized businesses and large enterprises (companies that ship as few as 100 packages a day to those that spend as much as $50 million annually on freight), Varsity offers customers the flexibility and scalability they need.



Solution Type

Transportation management, enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, mailroom solutions

Regions Supported

United States, Canada

Customer Sizes

Small, medium, large, enterprise, omnichannel


Manufacturing, retail, freight shippers


Helps control expenses, increase efficiencies, automates processes


Full process automation, custom labels, WMS integration

Shipping Volume

500 – 10,000+ Per Day








Varsity Logistics is the leader in multi-carrier shipping software for the iSeries. Varsity manages the full transportation spectrum for parcel, truckload (TL), and less-than-truckload (LTL), including all parcel and freight service levels within FedEx.

ShipSoft, the core of Varsity's software portfolio, automates the shipping process by providing automatic weigh/rate/label services, rate shopping, transit time, address validation, and multi-weight consolidation. ShipSoft also manages manifesting compliance for small packages, LTL, and TL for all domestic and international shipments.

For seamless supply chain management, Varsity provides Cloud, Hosted, and iSeries-based deployment options with built-in integration to many of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and order entry systems.

ShipSoft is available for both small parcel and freight. Deployed in more than 1,000 distribution sites, Varsity helps organizations of all sizes improve shipping efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce shipping expense.