FedEx Philosophy

FedEx Attributes Success to People-First Philosophy

The leader in the air express cargo transportation industry, we have developed a unique relationship with our employees, based on a people-first corporate philosophy.

Our Founder and CEO Frederick Smith was determined to make employees an integral part of the decision-making process, as he believes that "when people are placed first they will provide the highest possible service, and profits will follow". The FedEx corporate philosophy is the result from this belief: People-Service-Profit. These three corporate goals form the basis for all business decisions.

The people priority acknowledges the importance of employee satisfaction and empowerment to create an environment where employees feel secure enough to take risks and become innovative in pursuing quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Service refers to the consistent and clearly stated service quality goal of 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.

A corporate profit should result, if the people and service goals have been met.

There are many processes in place at FedEx to ensure that P-S-P becomes a way of life for all employees:

  • An annual employee satisfaction survey, which rates management's performance and forms a basis for improvement through formal written action plans gained by employee feedback sessions (Survey-Feedback-Action).
  • A policy of promotion from within, enhanced by an on-line computer job posting system for hourly employees (Job Change Applicant Tracking System).
  • An employee recognition and reward program which reinforces actions taken by employees to improve quality and customer satisfaction.
  • A leadership evaluation process, which must be completed in order to progress to management level designed to improve leadership effectiveness and retention within FedEx (Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Process).
  • Regular employee communication through electronic, print and broadcast programming.
  • Pay for performance based on management-by-objective and project-by-objective goal-setting processes.
  • A process for dealing with employee questions or complaints regarding corporate policy (Open Door program).
  • An employee appeal process for having an issue or complaint heard (Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure).