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Whether you oversee dozens or thousands of potential shippers, FedEx Administration helps coordinate, synchronize and streamline your day-to-day.

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  • Coordination is everything

Coordination is everything

Purpose-built for shipping administrators, FedEx Administration gives you all the power and convenience you’ve come to expect from FedEx, plus a streamlined interface, intuitive controls and purposeful features designed with one person in mind - you.

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Find out more

See how the new FedEx Administration was designed with you in mind — engineered to give you convenience, power and efficiency.

There’s no substitute for the right tools

FedEx Administration gives you all the capabilities you need to administer an entire shipping department, no matter its size. And everything’s packaged in a responsive interface that adapts to your workflow and screen size — it’s built by professionals, for professionals.

  • Multiple administrator contacts
  • Privileges, permissions and preferences at multiple levels
  • Visibility of multiple users and their roles
  • Boolean search capability
  • Ability to change user alias
  • Increased user status visibility
  • Robust account management options
  • Sizeable import and export limits

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a group to my company?

Click the "Create new" button from the FedEx Administration homepage, or go to the Groups section in the left navigation, and then click the “Add“ button on the Groups homepage.

How can I assign a reference to my company?

Go to the References Fields section in the left navigation, and then click the "Create new" button on the References homepage.


Does my account offer any reporting capabilities?

Yes, select "Shipping Reports" from the left navigation. You can run reports based off account(s), group(s), and even at the user(s) level. The reports can they be printed or downloaded for your convenience.

How can I create a new user for managing my shipping account?

Click the "Create new" button from the Admin homepage, or go to the Users section in the left navigation, and then click the "Add" button on the Users homepage. You can set the user up as an administrator so that they can manage your account(s) for you.

Can I have a user or group associated with multiple accounts?

Yes, on the users Profile screen you can assign available accounts to a specific user.

My company name has changed, can I update this information within FedEx Administration?

No. You must contact Customer Service in order to change your company name.

How many company administrators can be associated with a company?

A company can have unlimited administrators, whether they are company administrators, or group administrators.

I have a list of employees that I want to grant access to my online account for shipping purposes. How can I go about setting this up?

Under the Users section available in the left navigation, click on the "Import/Export" button and select a file to import.

What if an administrator forgets their password?

They can get assistance by clicking on the "Forgot your password" link on the login page and following the instructions.

As an administrator, what features can I set up via the import option?

You can import accounts, groups, users, and references for faster setups or to update existing information. You also have the ability to perform deletes using the import capability.

How many recipients can be set up in my central address book?

Up to 25,000 recipients.

As an administrator, what levels of control will I have?

You can designate who is able to ship, see rates, schedule a pickup, permit or restrict access to specific services, can request reference fields for billing or charge-back purposes, generate shipping reports for measurement purposes, and even determine who else can be given administrative privileges.

How often do I have access to online administrative functions?

Administrative and shipping functions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

I’m a shipping administrator, but unable to make any account management updates. What should I do?

Please call the Technical Support Hotline at 1.877.339.2774.