FedEx Compatible Solutions Program

Customer Benefits

Imagine the speed and simplicity of accessing FedEx® transportation services and all your transportation needs through a single system. A system offering a FedEx Compatible Solution* can make it happen. These fee-based solutions combine FedEx quality with the efficiency of a single-source shipping solution, so you enjoy the following:

Increased Efficiency:

  • One streamlined system eliminates redundancies of separate terminals for different transportation carriers.
  • Evaluate shipping options and rating information for FedEx and other carriers from a single touch-point.
  • Automate document preparation such as shipping manifests and customs documents.
  • Integrate with your host system for seamless information transfer.

Greater Reliability:

  • Check where you are in the delivery process at any time via centralized tracking.
  • Direct technical questions through one automation expert who knows your shipping system.

Reduced Costs:

  • Manage your company's shipping expenses more easily and accurately.
  • Minimize costly employee training by focusing on a single shipping system - initially and with each system upgrade.

FedEx Compatible Solutions

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FedEx Ship Manager Server Ascent Pitney Bowes Canada

Ascent® is a Windows-based multi-carrier logistics system designed to meet the needs of medium to high volume shippers. Ascent's real-time decision-making and analysis capabilities can help users reduce costly errors, enhance productivity and control shipping costs. With Ascent, your shipping department can save time and money and help you can gain an advantage over your competitors.

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For more than 85 years, Pitney Bowes has set the competitive standard in providing innovative technology solutions and services to help businesses manage the movement of mail and parcels.

FedEx Ship Manager Server Clippership Kewill Solutions North America

Clippership® is the most recognized and widely deployed multi-carrier shipping solution among shipping and logistics professionals. It is an attended shipping solution for organizations managing 50 to 2500 parcel shipments a day using one or more shipping stations in a single location.

Kewill.Integrate, the integration component for the Clippership solution, enables the automatic exchange of information with any host application. With additional support for complex business rules, customers can streamline their shipping process to maximize the benefits of their shipping operation.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server Flagship Kewill Solutions North America Kewill Flagship is an enterprise class multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high volume, multiple location, international, and domestic shipping. Kewill Flagship facilitates shipping with FedEx from any origin that FedEx directly serves globally and is globally certified as part of the 'Compatible Solutions Program' (CSP) for all regions (US, Canada, APAC, EMEA, LAC) as well as supporting regional services like FedEx SmartPost. Designed with an open architecture, Kewill Flagship has the capacity to scale to meet your future or peak shipping requirements and operate in different shipping modes required for a broad range of customers, including unattended (Black Box) high volume warehouses; to desktop shipping for non-shipping professionals; to 'manned' or attended environments for a mailroom or distribution/warehouse environment.

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FedEx Web Services NetSuite Version 11, Canadian Edition NetSuite NetSuite is the only mid-market offering that integrates customer-facing CRM and Web capabilities with back-office ERP capabilities in a single powerful application. Delivered as on-demand applications, NetSuite can reduce the cost of business applications as there is no hardware to procure; no large, up-front license fee; and no required resource to install, maintain, or upgrade the system.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server Descartes ATMS The Descartes Systems Group
Descartes is a leading developer and integrator of advanced logistics software. With a comprehensive suite of "feature rich" distribution modules, the Descartes solution provides enterprise-wide connectivity between host systems, carriers and trading partners that maximizes productivity, ensures compliant business practices and provides supply chain visibility. Descartes serves clients throughout North America with single or multi-site installations that utilize both standalone and integrated modules with major ERP and business software applications.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server TRAXi3 Precision Software TRAXi3 from Precision Software is designed to provide global carrier integration and global trade & transportation functionality from one system. This comprehensive web enabled solution is designed to meet the needs of mid-size to multi national enterprises with multiple origin shipping requirements, including parcel, TL and LTL. TRAXi3 integrates with leading ERP and WMS systems to automate and improve the shipping and supply chain process. TRAXi3 has achieved Global Certification, facilitating FedEx shipping requirements from all regions (US, Canada, APAC, EMEA, LAC).

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FedEx Ship Manager Server InfoShip Creative Logistics Solutions InfoShip is an easy-to-use Windows-based, automated multi-carrier shipping system for medium to high volume shippers. Scalable to operate on a PC, LAN, or enterprise WAN, InfoShip helps companies manage and control business processes and seamlessly integrates with enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, order entry, and other host systems.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server InSiteShip InSite Software Solutions, Inc. InSiteShip optimizes and enhances the order fulfillment and shipping processes (inventory allocation, picking, packing, international documentation, FedEx integration) of Infor's SyteLine and Visual ERP solutions. As an Infor Complementary Partner, InSite Software Solutions provides deeply integrated and enriched ERP software shipping solutions to manufacturing organizations concerned with the fulfillment of orders and exceeding customer’s expectations. Partnering with InSite empowers forward reaching businesses with the ability to deliver on-time, accurately, and efficiently.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server AgileElite Pierbridge AgileElite is an Enterprise Shipping Management platform designed to automate packing, labeling, export and hazmat documentation, address validation, shipping, cost accounting, and tracking for multiple parcel and freight carriers, across multiple facilities, all from a central server. AgileElite is based on a scalable SOA design and can be deployed on a single XP work station or installed across clustered servers for more demanding production or hosted environments. AgileElite solutions are accessible through a browser or "black box" mode via web services XML API. Connectors are available to seamlessly integrate with most TMS, WMS and ERP solutions. AgileComposer provides administrators with flexible "drag and drop" tools to compose role-specific user interfaces, rules, and business processes. AgileElite implementation and support is available through Agile-Network, an organization of logistics systems integrators with offices in cities throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server Ship-IT Advanced Distribution Solutions Inc. (ADSI) A full service integrator of shipping and data collection solutions, ADSI provides design, integration, support, and training services for firms of all sizes. Blending experience with technology, ADSI delivers key technological solutions used to gain a competitive edge.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server WorldLink CMS GlobalSoft (CMS) CMS WorldLink, a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution, employs advanced technologies & integration methods to enable communication between host systems, carriers & customers. WorldLink offers centralized shipping mgmt, including reporting, rating, shipping & tracking, & its multi-tiered design allows for unlimited configurations, including in-motion, & is completely scalable, from a single location to a global enterprise solution.

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*FedEx Compatible Solution means the FedEx functionality has passed FedEx certification testing.