Gain an added layer of visibility when it matters most.

FedEx® Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting provides specialized tracking status information throughout your shipment’s journey by leveraging FedEx scanning technology to deliver detailed information about your shipment. You get a level of shipment status reporting not available from any other FedEx tracking solution.

A technology solution for in-depth shipment visibility and reporting.

  • End-to-end visibility. Reports include scans performed at multiple points as your shipment travels through the FedEx network – from pickup to delivery, including scan date, time and location.
  • Chain of custody identification. Each scan that is performed by a FedEx employee is linked to their Employee ID number; the employee first name and initial of their last name is displayed on the report next to each of these scans.*
  • Delivery confirmation. Each report includes a signature proof of delivery record.*
  • Reporting flexibility. You can determine the frequency of reporting or request a report for only the shipment tracking number(s) you provide.
  • Data archiving. Scan data is electronically stored for five years to facilitate future reporting or audits.

Service Specifics:

FedEx Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting is available for the following FedEx Express® intra-Canada services.**

FedEx First Overnight®
FedEx Priority Overnight®
FedEx 1Day® Freight

Special Shipments. Special Service.

Ideal for intra-Canada shipments by licensed distributors of controlled goods, FedEx Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting is a contract-only service available to approved shippers. For more information, please contact your FedEx account executive.*

Can your carrier provide you with this level of shipment visibility?

Picture of a package being scanned

*Some exceptions and restrictions apply. Process may vary in/for Extended Service Areas. Contract-only service. Contact your FedEx account executive for more information.
**For details on each service, visit the Service Info page.