New Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Food Licensing Regulations

Under the Safe Food for Canadians Act, new regulations for food products are proposed to go into effect in mid- 2015. These new regulations are in line with similar global initiatives and internationally recognized food safety practices and will apply to imports, exports, and interprovincial trade. The intent is to further protect consumers from unsafe food through enhanced monitoring and control and will include such things as licensing, labelling, packaging, and standards and documentation requirements.

The greatest impact will be to those companies that are currently in the ‘non-federally-registered’ sector (not currently required to be registered with the CFIA) due to new requirements such as those relating to the growing and harvesting of fresh fruit and vegetables. This new Act will incorporate a much wider range of food products than with past legislation and, in some cases, create substantial new requirements.


Highlights of Proposed Changes

  • Companies will have to be licensed, with renewals required every two years
  • Companies will have to have and maintain a written food safety Preventive Control Plan (PCP)
  • Certain exemptions will apply (similar to those in existing regulations) such as for food for market analysis or food not intended for human consumption (e.g., pet food)
  • For exports requiring an export certificate, a license and PCP will also be required
  • There will be a staged implementation for the proposed regulations to come into force



Overview of Proposed Regulations

Please refer to the CFIA website for updates.

FedEx Express is involved in the ongoing trade and industry discussions and more information will be provided as it becomes available.