FedEx Ground PRP (Package Returns Program)

Return shipping is easy with FedEx Ground PRP. Save money and be in control of the regular package returns you receive from your customers. Learn more about shipping & returns below.

If your business involves regular product returns by your customers, FedEx Ground PRP is the service for you. You can request FedEx Ground PRP by calling 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).

Ground PRP makes it easy for your customers to send back a package that you pay the freight charges for, either from within Canada or from the United States. Your customers simply complete the "FROM" section on the combination PRP bar code/address label, apply the label to the package, and contact FedEx Ground to arrange a pickup for the next business day.

For your customers' convenience, complete preparation and shipping instructions are printed on the back of each label, including the toll-free number to call for arranging pickups. Your customers will also receive a receipt as proof of pickup. For PRP packages from the U.S., you are responsible for freight charges, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees.

When requesting a PRP from the U.S. you'll need to give your customers the following:

  • Combined PRP air waybill and address labels and blue international shipment labels.
  • FedEx Ground Customs Declaration forms or your own commercial invoices along with the FedEx Ground plastic pouch for customs documentation.

Use FedEx Ground PRP with:

Some restrictions apply. For more details, see Terms & Conditions.