Calculate Your FedEx Shipping Costs

With FedEx® shipping rate tools, you can calculate your shipping costs quickly and easily online. We offer two online options to determine how much it costs to ship, depending on your available package information and the shipping rate details you need to know.

Standard List Rate Tools to Calculate Standard List Rates

Get Rates and Transit Times

  • To see how much it costs to ship using this tool, you'll need to know origin and destination ZIP codes for your package, your desired ship date, the type of packaging you plan to use, package dimensions and weight, and package value.
  • You can get a quick quote, a detailed quote or transit time for your package using different services. View Rate Details will break out applicable surcharges and fees.
  • If you're a FedEx account holder, you can get a quick estimate of your total customized shipping charges for a package, including applicable surcharges, and access your shipping records.

Calculate Costs With Get Rates and Transit Times

FedEx Rate Tools

  • You can view rate tables by FedEx delivery service or delivery zone to see how much it costs to ship your package. You can also determine delivery zone by ZIP code or find out how to sign up your customers to access FedEx shipping rates directly from your website.
  • If you know the service you wish to use and your package weight, you can find the rate for shipping your package to various zones. If you know the zone you're shipping to and your package weight, you can find the rate for shipping via different FedEx services.

Calculate Costs With FedEx Rate Tools

Important: For these tools to function properly, you must disable your computer's pop-up blocker. To do so, open your internet browser and turn off the pop-up blocker feature.