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FedEx® Reporting Online gets you the on-demand data you need to make decisions that can save you money. View, download and even set schedules for shipping reports. Gain visibility by pay type, service type and address corrections; volumes and weights; dimmed and oversize packages; and much more. It’s secure. It’s free. And it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Self-serve, on-demand access
Get the account information you need when you need it. No permission required.

Six major report types
View online, download or schedule automatic reports; summary and detailed formats.

Schedule reports 
Choose weekly or monthly, with or without e-mail notifications.

Download reports 
CSV or Microsoft Excel®, in summary or detailed formats.

FedEx Reporting Online scheduled reports

Two-year data retention 
Know that all your data is saved and accessible for an extended time.

Report status 
Check when reports are ready, or opt for e-mail notifications.

My Account Groups 
Create customized account groups for reporting flexibility.

Invite fellow employees to share accounts for reporting purposes.

FedEx Reporting Online status

Top tips for FedEx Reporting Online.

Try the Schedule Reports Calendar. 
Now you can access your scheduled reports from a calendar view (current month, previous month or next month). Just click the link at the top of the Reports Status page, or the Scheduled Reports page.
Invite other employees.
You can grant others access to FedEx® Reporting Online, and control what information they can see. Once you’ve logged in, just click the Administration tab, then click Invite New User.
Create subgroups. 
If your organization has multiple accounts, you can group these accounts for special reporting needs. Once you’ve logged in, click the Administration tab, then click Create New Account Group. You can view or edit standard accounts, national accounts and sub-groups that you define.

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