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With FedEx® Reporting Online, you have access to the tools you need to find and analyze patterns in your shipments so you can streamline your processes.

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Every feature of FedEx Reporting Online has been simplified to help you do more for your business in less time.

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Every feature of FedEx Reporting Online is built so you can get the most out of your data.

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    Schedule reports

    Create reports and schedule them to run when you need them, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    How to set up recurring reports

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    Download reports

    Get reports in a format that fits your needs, including Excel, PDF and PowerPoint formats.

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    View report status

    See whether a report is in process or scheduled and choose to run it immediately if needed.

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    Customize and save reports

    Get the exact information you need by customizing report criteria, such as creating summary or detail reports. Then, simply save these reports for repeated use.

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    Access consolidated activity

    View insights across FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight services.

Make sure every report runs smoothly.

Enjoy flexibility in your reporting process with easy-to-use administrative features.

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    Creating account groups

    If you have more than one account number, you can easily run reports based on customized account groups.

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    Collaborating with others

    Invite employees within your company and set their preferences so they can run reports.

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    Email preferences

    Set your preferences to receive email notifications when recurring reports are available for download.

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    Changing administrators

    If the administrator of an account needs to change, the current administrator can set an invited user to take over the role.

Available standard reports

FedEx Reporting Online helps you make better business decisions by letting you personalize the reporting process to fit your needs.

  • Access up to two years of shipping data
  • Customize reports to pinpoint specific data and find trends
  • Schedule reports to run on your schedule with daily, weekly or monthly options
  • Download reports instantly or receive email notifications for recurring reports

Report Types

Address Correction Detail Report

This report provides shipment-level detail for all covered shipments where an address correction fee was charged. The data found here can be used to reduce shipping errors and decrease ancillary charges by updating incorrect addresses.

Dimmed Package Detail – Invoice Detail

Find shipment-level detail for all covered shipments where a package was invoiced using a dimensional or oversize weight.

Expense and Volume Summary (USD and Billed Currency)

A consolidated view of all covered shipment volumes, costs and weights by three paying classifications: Prepaid (shipments paid for and shipped by you using the same account number), Collect (shipments where you are the recipient, you paid for the shipment and the shipper account is different than the paying account) and Third Party (shipments where you paid for them but were neither the shipper nor the recipient).

Shipper Summary – Invoice Date (USD)

The Shipper Summary Report is a consolidated view of covered shipment volumes, costs and weights by shipping account number and by three payment classifications: Prepaid, Collect and Third Party.

Shipment Detail – Invoice (USD)

This report provides shipment-level detail for all covered shipments invoiced during a specific time period.

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