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With FedEx® Reporting Online, you have access to the tools you need to find and analyze patterns in your shipments so you can streamline your processes.

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  • Discover new ways to streamline your business

Discover new ways to streamline your business.

FedEx Reporting Online gives you the ability to access powerful tools so you have insight into your business in an instant.

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Save time

Between customization, scheduling and interactive views, you’ll save time at every turn.

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Make strategic decisions

Get notifications when issues arise and easily find patterns to streamline your processes.

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Answer questions faster

Customize searches to find exactly what you need in up to 2 years of shipping data.


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Feature highlight: Interactive reports

With the interactive reports feature you can customize your reports to find exactly what you’re looking for — view trends, filter data, create charts and graphs, and more. Plus, you can save your custom reports for repeated use.

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