Domestic Shipping

We're pleased to announce that General Services Administration (GSA) has chosen FedEx as an approved carrier under the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) GS-23F-0170L effective August 16, 2001. This award is for five years with three five year options. This means you can continue to depend on our reputable service and reliable delivery today and for years to come.

Contract Highlights

Domestic Express Delivery Services
FSC Group: 451, Part III
FSC Class(es)/Product Code(s): 4811
Contract Number: GS-23F-0170L

Get the latest U.S. Government Shipping news on FedEx delivery service options. A comprehensive look at all services available under the Government contract, including options for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Available Services not covered under government contract include:

Ways to Ship
FedEx now offers their whole range of service under the new GSA contract.

Options for your Shipment
These are options you can select along with the services we provide

Shipping Instructions
Instructions for contract shipping and opening a new account

Documents for Shipping
Save time by following these helpful hints to select the best method for sending packages and completing your documentation correctly. USA Airbill.

Have special packaging requirements? Refer to the weight restrictions and exact dimensions on all FedEx containers.