Shipping Instructions

Contract Shipping and Opening New Accounts

New shipping options accompany the new contract. Quickly review the following procedures to bring yourself up-to-date with recent changes.

First--Be sure you have a FedEx Government account.

Without a FedEx Government account, you can't receive Government contract rates!

Here's how to open your account.

Placement of Orders

(a) Delivery orders under the resulting contract will be placed by the ordering agencies/organizations.

(b) Specific procedures: Users will issue a delivery order directly to the contractor for those services the agency/organization will be using or simply call 1.800.645.9424 to set up an account.

Contact your Agency's Contracting Officer for more information.

Second--Decide on the service.

How urgent is your shipment? What is its weight, and what size is it? Do you require Saturday delivery, or does the shipment contain dangerous goods? With those criteria in mind, refer to the descriptions of FedEx contract services listed below.

Third--Package the shipment properly.

We'll be glad to test your packaging, upon request, and recommend improvements. And of course, free FedEx packaging is available for many items.

Fourth--Prepare the shipping documents.

You'll need a FedEx USA Airbill, which is easy to complete. Refer to the Shipping Documents section of this site.

Fifth--Ship it fast!

Your shipment is ready to go. Drop off the package at a convenient FedEx World Service Center®, FedEx® Drop Box, or FedEx ShipSite®. You may also include your package with others that your FedEx Courier is scheduled to pick up, or call 1.800.Go.FedEx 1.800.463.3339 for desktop pickup.