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A seamless resource

If you ship prescription drugs to manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors and dispensers, you need a simple, reliable tool specifically designed to help meet your Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance requirements. Here’s a solution that easily ties up the loose ends.

FedEx TranSmart is a secure, password-protected, third-party-validated online system that helps you comply with DSCSA without capital investment. The solution allows you to view Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures for up to seven years after ship date and provides a true link between each POD and your Product Tracing Information (PTI) form.

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Discover DSCSA

Want to know more about the FDA’s recent legislation on drug supply chains? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you.

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What you should know about DSCSA

Make sure you know the implementation dates and non-compliance penalties. Also, see how FedEx TranSmart® works to help you comply with DSCSA.

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Compliance made simple

With FedEx TranSmart, you can take care of reconciling your shipments in just a few steps:

  • Send your prescription drug to a manufacturer, repackager, wholesale distributor or dispenser via FedEx Express or FedEx Ground and upload your shipping file to FedEx.
  • Upon delivering the package, the FedEx driver captures the recipient’s signature for POD information and matches the POD with the original shipping file.
  • The manufacturer, repackager, wholesale distributor or dispenser completes the PTI form and returns it to FedEx.
  • FedEx matches the PTI form to the original shipping file. This becomes the final delivery record.
  • FedEx stores and manages all final delivery records and package content data on a secure website for seven years after ship date — exceeding the six-year requirement by the FDA.

A variety of query options

FedEx TranSmart lets you choose the query options that best fit your needs:

  • Pickup date. Displays shipments made based on pickup date range.
  • Delivery date. Displays shipments made based on delivery date range.
  • Signature Proof of Delivery. Displays shipments with a delivery signature.
  • In transit. Displays shipments that have yet to reach the consignee.
  • Others. Query by name, tracking ID, state or reference fields.

All options are available as downloads.