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The changes below reflect available information as of February 20, 2008. Find comprehensive rate, surcharge and fee information in the January 7, 2008 FedEx Service Guide.

FedEx Express® Multiple-Piece Shipments
FedEx Express Hundredweight pricing was renamed FedEx Express Multiweight® pricing (FedEx Express U.S. package services only). Your qualifying multiple-piece shipments are rated on both a per-package and a total-shipment-weight basis, and you're billed the lower rate. It's automatically applied to FedEx Express shipments that weigh 100 lbs. or more. A 10-lb. average minimum package weight for the shipment applies. This is a change from the minimum per-piece charge equal to the 5-lb. rate per package. This pricing option is not available with FedEx SameDay® or FedEx® Envelope shipments.

FedEx Express to Provide Import Pricing in U.S. Dollars
FedEx Express customers importing goods to the U.S. pay U.S.-dollar import rates. This provides a consolidated set of U.S. import rates to U.S. customers and allows customers to avoid uncertainties caused by currency fluctuations. Get the January 7, 2008
FedEx Service Guide

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