Shipping Administration Overview

Whether you use for personal shipments, or you belong to a large corporation, Shipping Administration provides you with the resources you need to ensure that your account(s) are secure, by giving you complete control and visibility on how it is being used on

Large companies, small businesses and personal users, can all benefit from the features of Shipping Administration:

  • Manage your account(s) online.
  • Control who can ship using your account(s).
  • View shipment activity across one or multiple accounts that belong to you.
  • Set shipping defaults for yourself, and others, to control your shipping costs.
  • Create shipment profiles to accelerate your shipping process.
  • Share your address book with other people.


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Features and Benefits


Administration of Global Shipping on the Internet: FedEx Ship Manager at Shipping Administration takes advantage of all the global shipping features provided in the FedEx Ship Manager at shipping solution.

Centralized Control: Allows a single administrator, or a group of users, to centrally manage and control shipments that are processed by multiple individuals from different locations within a company.

Administrator Expanded Address Book: Ability for Administrator(s) to create a centralized address book with up to 25,000 recipients that can be shared company wide.

  Administrator User Controls

Department and User Administration: Set up as many departments and users with shipping privileges as needed.

Default Options for Departments and Users: Set screen options for multiple users when shipping on FedEx Ship Manager at

Administrator Reports: Create, add, edit and delete customized reports for any shipment processed using FedEx Ship Manager at Monitor and manage shipping activity of all users throughout the company to better control costs and streamline accounting and charge back functions.

Import Data: Ability to import user, departments, references, and account information from your desktop.


Secure Transactions: FedEx Ship Manager at Shipping Administration validates all customer account numbers used. Other back-end checks and security measures are also taken to help protect your company information.

Password secure: All users must enter their ID and password to log in to FedEx Ship Manager at Shipping Administration and account numbers are visible only to the administrator.

Security standards: FedEx Ship Manager at Shipping Administration uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security standard, which is supported by Netscape Navigator® 4.06 or higher, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.


Visibility, Access and Control: While Shipping Administration has always been great for companies that have a large number of individual shippers in multiple locations within any particular country/territory, it’s even more flexible, enabling you to set up users anywhere in the world, giving you global visibility and centralized control throughout your organization.

Availability: Shipping Administration is available in English in all countries/territories where FedEx Ship Manager at is available. Please see the available countries/territories and languages list below

Country/Territory and Language Availability

Country/Territory Language
Austria German
Brazil Portuguese
Canada French
Czech Republic Czech
Denmark Danish
France French
Germany German
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese
Japan Japanese (Kanji)
Mexico Spanish
Poland Poland
Puerto Rico Spanish
Spain Spanish
Switzerland French, German
Taiwan Traditional Chinese

Learn how to use Shipping Administration

When you use Shipping Administration for FedEx Ship Manager® at, you’ll benefit from simple, time-saving features that makes managing your account and users fast and easy. You don’t need a text book – or even a software manual – to learn how to start using Shipping Administration. With our online training options, learning to use Shipping Administration is easy.

Training and Support Options

Interactive Help Guide

If you need any-time access and want to learn at your own pace, the Interactive Help Guide is for you. Choose to watch demos, try out practice sessions, or print step-by-step instructions for different types of activities, from creating shipments, running reports to managing users.

  User Guides and Presentations

If you would like to download an electronic copy of the Shipping Administration Guide and other supporting pieces, please use the following links below.

What's New in Shipping Administration (PDF)
Getting Started Guide (PDF)
User Guide (PDF)
Features and Benefits (PDF)
Why You Should Use Shipping Administration (Pres)
Shipping Administration Presentation (Pres)
Import Guides
Technical Support

If you require additional assistance, please call the FedEx Technical Support Hotline at 1.877.339.2774.