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FedEx InSight

FedEx InSight is a leading-edge, Web-based business tool that offers a new level of visibility into your shipping activities by:

  • Proactively tracking your inbound, outbound and third-party shipments
  • Automatically notifying you via email, Internet or wireless connections of critical shipping events so you can take action
  • Offering precise status summaries of international (including multi-package) and domestic shipments on one report because tracking is based on addresses and/or account numbers - not individual tracking numbers
  • Helping pinpoint customs delays and delivery attempts and then suggesting recommended actions to expedite delivery

Using InSight will help you:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to track each package separately
  • Reduce shipment delays
  • More effectively manage your supply chain
  • Efficiently plan your staffing and inventory levels
  • Proactively manage your relationships with customers and suppliers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Ultimately, increase your bottom line

FedEx InSight gives you more power and flexibility to keep track of your shipments - whether they're:

  • FedEx Express or FedEx Ground
  • Domestic or international
  • Inbound, outbound or third-party
  • Single or multi-package

 Getting Started
Before you start using FedEx InSight, you must enroll at www.fedex.com/insight.

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