Ancillary Clearance Service Fees Assessed on Import Shipments

FedEx offers standard customs clearance, however, we also offer a comprehensive range of value added solutions when your shipment has special clearance needs. Our ancillary service offerings may be different per country/territory depending on the additional processing that may be required by a local regulatory agency or when you or your importer request special processing from our customs broker. We may assess a service fee to obtain the release of your shipment from any regulatory agency or for special services you may request. We may charge a fee for standard customs clearance service in some countries/territories or in some FedEx subsidiaries. We may apply and bill these service fees, which are subject to change, to any shipper, recipient or designated third party.

Ancillary clearance service fees that are incurred will be listed on your duty and tax invoice as separate line items. Please refer to your local website link listed below to view the services offered in the destination country/territory where FedEx provides various clearance services.

International shipments to direct served FedEx destinations may incur ancillary clearance service fees as described above. We may apply and invoice these fees, which are subject to change, to Shippers, Consignees or Third Party based customers.

Ancillary clearance service fees for shipments to:

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