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FAQs for BigCommerce Customers

FAQs for BigCommerce Customers







Frequently Asked Questions About The Program

Program Qualifications

This program is exclusively available to BigCommerce customers in good standing, who have an existing FedEx account or open a new FedEx account.


For Terms and Conditions, go to the Program Agreement page.


You will automatically receive confirmation that you have successfully enrolled in the BigCommerce pricing program on the enrolment confirmation screen. Shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation email from FedEx.


Application Process

See the Overview here, or click the Apply Now button at the top of the page. Enrollment is only available online.


Yes, you can continue to use your existing FedEx account. Just have your FedEx account number handy when you are ready to enroll. Your new BigCommerce pricing will be applied to your existing FedEx account number and will be immediately available for use once you have completed the enrollment process.


If you do not currently have a FedEx account number, you can register for a FedEx account during the BigCommerce Pricing enrolment process. A valid credit card is required to open a FedEx account and take advantage of BigCommerce pricing. Your new BigCommerce pricing will be immediately available for use on your account once you have completed the enrolment process.