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FedEx International Ground Multiweight

FedEx International Ground Multiweight

FedEx International Ground Multiweight enables you to combine multiple packages moving from the same origin to the same destination into one shipment—no palletizing, shrinkwrapping, staging or shipment segregation required. FedEx Ground™ will calculate the rate of your shipment as both individual packages and as one entire shipment, then charge you the lower of the two rates. To qualify for FedEx International Ground Multiweight, the total shipment weight must be greater than or equal to 30 lbs. (14 kg) with a minimum average package weight of 15 lbs. (7 kg).* 

How to Determine Your Rates:

To determine door-to-door rates for your FedEx International Ground Multiweight shipments:

Step 1: Add the weight of each package to determine the total shipment weight.

Step 2: Determine the applicable zone by using the U.S. Zone Chart in the FedEx Ground Rate Guide.

Step 3: Look up the rate per pound using your FedEx International Ground Multiweight chart based on the applicable zone.

Step 4: Multiply the total shipment weight by the rate per pound to determine the cost of the FedEx International Ground Multiweight shipment.

Step 5: Add special handling fees and other additional charges, if any. See the FedEx Ground Rate Guide for a list of these fees and charges.

FedEx International Ground
Multiweight — Per-Pound Rates (example only)
Zone 51 52 53
Rate $0.9670 $1.1726 $1.4745

* See the Terms and Conditions section of the FedEx Service Guide for details. Contact your FedEx account executive to determine your eligibility for this service.