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Documentation Requirements

Documentation Requirements

All non-document shipments must have complete, detailed and accurate information on the Commercial Invoice and air waybill. The information, particularly the value(s), must match on all documentation and must be in English or an English translation must be provided.

At a minimum, the following information must be included on the Commercial Invoice:

  • A detailed description of each item - 'parts', 'samples', ‘not for resale’, ‘see attached’, etc. are not acceptable descriptions
  • Quantity of each item
  • Unit value of each item
  • Total shipment value (which must match on the invoice and air waybill)
  • Country of manufacture

Depending on the destination country’s requirements, any of the following may also be required:

  • Original invoice or original sales invoice
  • Packing list
  • Contract
  • Signature and/or stamp of the shipper or supplier
  • Power of Attorney

And, depending on the commodities being shipped, additional documentation such as certificates, permits, licenses, etc. may be required. Always check the specific destination country’s requirements prior to shipping.

Shipments with missing, inaccurate or incomplete information may be subject to clearance delays, customs exams, seizures, fines, penalties and/or shipments may be refused entry into the country and subsequently returned to the shipper.

Tax ID Numbers

Please include the Tax ID number on your documentation if it is a requirement of the destination country.

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