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Tax ID Number for Indonesian Imports and Exports (NPWP)

Tax ID Number for Indonesian Imports and Exports (NPWP)





Beginning August 1, 2021, a new regulation will require importers and exporters in Indonesia to declare their Tax ID Number (NPWP) for all shipments they import into, or export from, Indonesia. 

Failure to provide the NPWP for any shipment could result in clearance delays and potentially lead to service disruptions. 

What is the impact to Canadian exporters?

Beginning August 1, 2021, all Canadian exporters, both commercial and casual/non-commercial,* must take the following steps when shipping to Indonesia.

  1. Contact your customer/consignee/recipient in Indonesia to obtain their local Tax ID Number (NPWP).
  2. Input the NPWP of the customer/consignee/recipient in Indonesia into the "Consignee" or "Recipient" section of your shipment's Air Waybill (AWB) and on the Commercial Invoice.
  3. If your customer/consignee/recipient does not have a NPWP, the following forms of identification may be used instead:
    • For Indonesian citizens, input their Indonesian Citizenship Identity Number instead of the NPWP.
    • For non-Indonesian citizens, input their Passport Number instead of the NPWP. 



If you use one of our electronic shipping solutions, you can enter the NPWP of the customer/consignee/recipient in Indonesia, or other acceptable form of identification listed above, in either the Sender or Recipient Tax ID/EIN field on the FedEx Express Air waybill.

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Additional Information

Indonesia (ID) Customs Website (Indonesian and English)

Indonesia Ministry of Finance Regulation (Indonesian only)

This new regulation is pursuant to Indonesia Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 158/PMK.04/2017 and Indonesia Directorate General of Customs & Excise Regulation No PER 11/BC/2020.

*This includes exporters who ship goods that are not for sale or for business, industrial, commercial, occupational, or other similar uses.