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5 Ways to Improve Your Shipping Strategy

5 Ways to Improve Your Shipping Strategy

With the e-commerce industry booming, shipping efficiently and cost-effectively has become even more critical to your business success.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your shipping strategy and maximize profits.

1) The perfect fit

Overpackaging is a common and costly mistake. Explore alternative packaging sizes or on-site box-making solutions that are tailored to your shipping needs.

Get packing tips with our How to Pack Guides for common shipment types and order the supplies you need to set yourself up for success.

2) Trade time for savings

Find the right shipping service for your business needs. Prioritize speed for time-sensitive shipments, or if your customers have time to spare, there are more cost-effective options.

3) Take the reins on returns

95% of online customers said they’d shop again at retail sites where they’ve had a positive returns experience1.

Having a proactive returns management strategy impacts the customer purchase decision and ensures repeat business.

FedEx can optimize your returns program with delivery flexibility and shipment visibility.

4) Avoid costly regulatory and clearance mistakes

Strengthen your supply chain and avoid costly hold ups at the border to save your company money and headaches.

Lean on your delivery provider to help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment, including the shift to CUSMA.

5) Make the last mile count

Create the best shipping experience for your customers by putting them in control of their deliveries. Choose a provider with the right tools and solutions to give them insights and options for their shipments, whenever they need it. This can reduce call volume from your customers and time spent on customer service.

FedEx® Delivery Manager provides proactive notifications and allows recipients to specify preference, helping to mitigate risk of address errors or porch piracy with greater visibility to delivery ETA and location.

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The right shipping strategy has widespread impact on your business, including reduced costs, increased margins, and optimized customer experience. Get started with these 5 tips to create or improve your shipping strategy.

Learn more about how FedEx can help with reliable tools and solutions that are right for your business.


1 Narvar Consumer Report, June 2017